When it comes to Indoor Target Archery, the World Archery 40cm Target is King. It has been used for decades and is easily identifiable by its standardized four-color pattern and ten scoring zones. This target is particularly challenging due to its small 4cm inner scoring ring, making a perfect round extremely difficult.

The 40cm Target comprises ten scoring zones with an inner X-Rind used to break tie scores. The target measures 40 centimeters in diameter with a 2cm step for each scoring zone. The color pattern is Yellow (10 and 9 Points), Red (8 and 7 Points), Blue (6 and 5 Points), Black (4 and 3 Points), and White (2 and 1 Point). This target is often shot at 18 Meters and/or 20 Yards.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the 40cm Target and how it is used. By the time you are finished reading, you’ll know everything you need to know to shoot and score your first round.

40cm Target Guide

40cm Target Uses

300 Round

The 300 Round is a short-duration Indoor Round that typically takes about an hour to complete. It comprises 10 Ends of 3 Arrows and is shot as a single game. Archers will shoot 30 arrows in this round, with X-Rings used to break tie scores. The distance for this round is 18 Meters or 20 Yards.

450 Round

The 450 Round is commonly used for Indoor Archery Leagues. It comprises three 150-Point Games for a possible maximum score of 450 Points. Each game is shot as 5 Ends of 3 Arrows, with arrows scoring up to 10 points each. Archers will shoot 45 arrows in this round, with X-Rings used to break tie scores. The distance for this round is 18 Meters or 20 Yards.

40cm Target Guide - 450 Round

600 Round

The 600 Round is the typical tournament format and is played as two 300-Point Halves. After 10 Ends of 3 Arrows, archers will switch target positions from Top to Bottom or Bottom to Top. A complete 600 Round comprises 60 Arrows with a maximum possible score of 600 points. X-Rings are scored as 10 points and used to break tie scores. The distance for this round is 18 Meters or 20 Yards.

660 Round

The 660 Round is the same as a 600 Round with one key difference – the X-Ring scores 11 Points instead of 10. A perfect score of 660 points is extremely difficult. In the event of a tie score, a single-arrow shootoff is used, with the arrow closest to the center winning.

40cm Target Placement

When shooting in an Official Tournament or Club League, Target Butts are large enough to accommodate two 40cm Targets stacked vertically. This allows for two shooting lines, with “Tops” shooting three arrows followed by “Bottoms” shooting three arrows (or vice-versa). Halfway through the round, an announcement will be made for you to switch your target position physically. You may continue to use your target or get a new one.

In a practice situation where you are not shooting for an official score, it is a good idea to maintain the process of changing the target position halfway through the round. This helps to spread target wear across the target butt as opposed to pounding one spot continuously.

40cm Target Guide - Target Position

40cm Target Dimensions and Scoring

The 40cm Target is 40 centimeters in diameter across the scoring rings. This translates to approximately 15-3/4 inches in width. Each scoring zone is 2 centimeters wide (approximately 3/4 inch) and steps progressively toward the center of the target. The 10 Ring is 4 centimeters in diameter (approximately 1-9/16 inches) with an inner X Ring that measures 2 centimeters.

The target is scored from 10 Points to 1 point, as outlined in the image below. The inner X Ring is scored as 10 points and only used to break tie scores. Any arrow that touches the line between scoring zones is scored as the higher value. The color pattern used on this target is consistent with many other World Archery Target Faces.

  • Yellow scores 10 Points and 9 Points.
  • Red scores 8 Points and 7 Points.
  • Blue scores 6 Points and 5 Points.
  • Black scores 4 Points and 3 Points.
  • White scores 2 Points and 1 Point.
40cm Target Guide - Dimensions and Scoring

40cm Target Variations

The World Archery 40cm Target has three variations – Single, Triangular, and Vertical. Unless tournament rules state otherwise, each version of the target is interchangeable and may be used for any equipment classification.

The Single Face is typically used for Recurve and Traditional Classes. This provides the maximum number of scoring zones but introduces the risk of arrow damage, as all three arrows will be shot into the same target face.

The 3-Spot variations are typically used for Compound Divisions. This variation has the same size scoring rings; however, the 5 through 1 scoring zones are removed. One arrow is shot into each target face to reduce the risk of arrow damage. The Triangular Face is more common for Club Leagues and Tournaments.

40cm Target Guide - Variations

Where to Buy 40cm Targets

Official World Archery 40cm Targets

World Archery maintains strict regulations on Target Faces used in competition. Maple Leaf Press is the first official licensee (and most popular supplier), based in Michigan. Targets are printed on 17″ x 17″ Stock with a Weatherproof option available. Targets can not be purchased directly through Maple Leaf Press unless you have a wholesale account or manage an Archery Club.

40cm Maple Leaf Targets are available from various online retailers, but because they are the officially licensed target of World Archery, they can be costly. It is worth noting that they are worth the cost, tend to be printed on heavier paper, and are more durable than cheap unofficial targets.

Cheap 40cm Targets

There is no shortage of Unofficial Target Suppliers; dozens can be found on Amazon alone. The major problem with going this route is that you must be willing to accept a product with cut corners. For example, target dimensions may not be exact, colors may be muted, and the paper may be thin and prone to tearing. If you are shooting for practice, these issues may not matter.

If you want to extend the life of inexpensive Targets, we find the best way to do that is to permanently attach them to a cardboard backer. A thin layer of wallpaper paste or spray adhesive will limit tearing and make the target more resilient overall.

Printable Reduced 40cm Targets

The 40cm Target is most commonly used at 20 Yards. Archers with a basement range or limited space don’t often have this much distance to work with. In situations like these, reduced targets come in handy and are a great way to practice on a smaller scale.

Below, I have included two variations of the 40cm Target at Half-Scale (Reduced by 50%). They are on Letter-size Paper (8.50 x 11) and can easily be printed at home. I have included a built-in scorecard for a 300 Round (10 Ends of 3 Arrows).

40cm Target Guide - Printable Reduced Targets