Welcome to Archery Compass, where we combine bows, arrows, and family! I’m Walt, the proud father of three wonderful girls whose curiosity has reignited my passion for the sport of archery.

What Inspired Archery Compass?

Archery found its way into my life at an early age. I have many fond memories with my Grandfather as I learned to shoot a bow. I wanted to create those same sorts of memories with my daughter when I became a father. My daughter picked up her first bow at the age of six, and we spent the next several years shooting together at various archery clubs.

Over time, her interest began to wane, and archery took a back seat to sports, after-school activities, friends, and video games. After a three-year hiatus, her interest in archery has returned. With this newfound interest, my middle daughter is now old enough and interested in learning.

My daughters are the inspiration behind Archery Compass. This blog was born from the desire to document this journey with my kids and share the insights we discover.

Archery Compass - Oldest Daughter at Stowe Archers

My Archery Background

My introduction to archery came at an early age. I must have been about eight years old the first time my Grandfather took me to Wapiti Archers in Fort Washington, PA. There, I learned to shoot a bow and developed a passion for archery. I spent countless hours flinging arrows on the practice range, but my favorite thing to do was to walk through the woods and shoot the Field Course with my Grandfather.

I spent time working around the club when I wasn’t shooting my bow. My Father taught me how to glue up the paper animal targets and hand-mark the scoring rings. Afterward, we would head out to the course and hang them for the monthly shoot. The following day, I would work the registration desk with my Father and Grandfather – checking in Archers who came out to shoot our challenging course.

Though life took me away from Archery for many years, my father and grandfather’s influence and work ethic stuck with me when I joined Stowe Archers. I became an active working club member and served as Vice President for a year and President for seven years.

Archery Compass - Wapiti Archers Belt Buckle

Archery Compass’s Vision

Archery can be an intimidating sport – especially for parents with curious children. Archery Compass aims to break down that intimidation and serve as a resource for archers of all skill levels. Through our experiences and discoveries, we hope to demystify archery and make it accessible to families and enthusiasts alike.

What to Expect from Archery Compass

My approach to archery is with a laid-back attitude and casual writing style. Curiosity drives me to learn new skills and share my findings with readers. On Archery Compass, you can expect a blend of insights, how-tos, and personal experiences catering to seasoned archers and those just starting their journey.

Archery Compass - Middle Daughter at Stowe Archers

Uniqueness in the Archery Blog Sphere

To be completely honest, I’m not sure what sets Archery Compass apart from other Archery Blogs. My goal is to share insights and personal experiences in a way that benefits others in the archery community.

Posting Schedule and Topics

The goal for Archery Compass is to begin producing content on a bi-weekly basis. I intend to transition into a weekly posting schedule as we find our footing and fall into a rhythm. Topics will revolve around basics for new archers, helpful information for archery parents, and archery clubs.

A Message from Archery Compass

I want you to leave Archery Compass feeling informed and inspired. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned archer, I hope that this blog will encourage you to improve your skills or take the first steps in your own archery adventure. Thank you for joining us on this journey – let’s hit the bullseye together!