Archery Compass aims to be a resource to the Archery Community. In addition to articles and education on Target Archery, Field Archery, 3D Archery, and Youth Archery, we would also like to offer an Archery Club Directory to help clubs get the word out about upcoming events. This is a free service and our way of giving back to the archery community.

Getting the Word Out

In my time as an Officer at Stowe Archers, I quickly learned that hosting a quality event wasn’t enough. No matter how good your shoot was, it only raised funds for the club if people came out to participate. “You guys put on a great shoot – I had no idea you were here!” I’ve heard that countless times sitting at the registration desk.

The Pandemic in 2020 changed the landscape for Archery Clubs. The rising cost of Targets and General Overhead meant that events needed to draw more and more people in order to keep the doors open and the lights on. Word-of-mouth advertising was no longer enough and clubs had to branch out and find other ways to promote themselves.

Social Media has become a staple in Archery Club Event Advertising but has a major flaw. Unless you are willing to pay to boost your post, it becomes diluted and only offered to a portion of your audience. We want to provide another avenue to supplement your Social Media efforts and use our platform to promote your club.

Archery Club Directory Submission

If you would like us to add your club to the Archery Compass Archery Club Directory, please email us at and include the following information.

  • Club Name
  • Club Address (City, State, and Zip)
  • Club Email Address
  • Club Phone Number
  • Club Website or Social Media Page
  • Club Calendar with a description of each event
  • Any additional information you can share about membership at your club

Because we are building an Archery Club Directory and not just an Event Calendar, we also ask that you please provide us with an Event Photo and your Club Logo to be included on your Archery Club Directory Listing. You are also welcome to share any additional information about your club – including Membership Benefits, Leagues, and Amenities.

Please be aware that Archery Compass reserves the right to refuse to share your club information. Archery Club Directory Listings are manually created and may take a little time to produce. Please be patient while we create your listing. When completed, we will contact your Club’s Email with a direct link to the listing.

Revisions to your club’s directory listing can be made by contacting us through your club email address. We will do our best to make revisions promptly and respond with a direct link to the updated listing.

Sharing your Archery Compass Directory Listing with your Social Media Following is not required; however, it is greatly appreciated. We would also appreciate sharing any of our Blog Content that you feel would be useful to your audience.

Archery Club Directory